Teething makes ME want to cry

What does my infant teething and pancakes have in common?  My sanity.

Luke Teething

I feel bad for Luke.  He’s teething right now and I know it’s not comfortable.  I mean, he has sharp hard objects slicing through his gums!  I feel for him and am trying everything I can to help.

But, selfishly, this is driving ME nuts!

Probably because teething has him waking up about 3-4 times a night again and has undone all the sleep training we did.  I love my sleep!  Emmett didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost 2 years old (the PTSD was what made us wait 5 years between kids) and now, just when I thought we’d be getting sleep, it’s happening again!


Tips for Teething Babies

I looked up all the tips for teething (I am an allergist and an internal medicine provider, not a pediatrician… so I was google MD on this one) and I’m sure these are all the same tips as what you know:


My Problem

·      Rub their gums·      There are little tooth scratches on my finger now!  Again, sharp F&*king objects designed to cut through gums!
·      Give him something cool to gnaw on·      If there is something that I WANT him to gnaw on, he doesn’t want it.

·      And I haven’t found a way to cool the xbox controller yet!

·      Try hard foods·      Smiling and happiness followed by choking and vomit.
·      Tylenol, etc·      This is the correct answer so far

So far, no great solution.  I’m kind of at a loss.


Tips for Nighttime Sleeping

Oh, is this where you would like tips?  No, this is where I would like some tips.

Because so far I’ve found it easier just to call this one a wash and invest in Monster for me (and Red Bull for Kristie).


My actual solution

Again, I can give you some top notch allergy/asthma/food/eczema advice.  But in this arena, I don’t have a lot.  I think I’m just like all the other parents of the world and just need to suck it up.

So my real solution is just to make him so damn cute during the day that I can reflect on it in the darkness of rocking him back to sleep at night.  This seems to be my best strategy: