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Flonase vs. Nasonex – Which is Better?

The commercials are so annoying: “6 is greater than 1” or the nasonex bee or anything else that shows up about every 5 minutes! It makes you wonder what the differences between the medications really are (besides marketing budget, that is).

Well here is your answer! I will give you my choice for the best over the counter nose spray for treating allergies AND explain why I choose the medications I do! Because it’s time YOU know which is the BEST nasal steroid!

Do you have good asthma control? Guess again!

Do you know what it means to have good asthma control? Do you think you have good asthma control?  Think your doctor does? Approximately 6 out of 10 asthmatics who’s doctor “thinks their asthma is controlled” are NOT really controlled!  Surprised? Let me ask you one final question:  Have you heard of the asthma control […]

What is the best over the counter antihistamine?

Do you know the best over the counter antihistamines? If not, you may be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on medications that are less effective or have more side effects.  Commercials and advertising are great at getting you to buy their brand of medication.  But they don’t tell you everything… and I want to […]