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Top 3 Causes of Cough in Children

It’s time to stop the cough:  Learn the top 3 causes of cough in children! Who cares about the top 3 causes of cough? Well, are you tired of hearing your child cough? Tired of taking them to the doctor only to have them say “it’s just a ____” and to wait a little longer… […]

5 BEST Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies

Do you want to treat allergies naturally and with fewer medications? These are the 5 allergic rhinitis home remedies you MUST KNOW! They are simple to do, highly effective, and can be done TODAY.  These are the best tips and tricks I have gathered from years as an allergist and it’s time for me to […]

Do you know the 11 most common allergies?

There are certain questions I get asked every day:  “what am I allergic to?”  “What are the most common allergies?”  “What is triggering my allergies?” Of course, I’m an allergist so trying to find out the most common allergens is not an uncommon question for me.  But I am not everyone’s allergist, and a lot […]