Rashes and Skin Allergies

The skin is the largest organ in the body (True!)

  • So why are skin allergies so poorly treated?
  • There needs to be a better plan than just "put a cream on it"
  • I'll answer all your skin-related allergy questions here

Articles, Tips and Blogs

Hives Symptoms: Allergy vs. Anaphylaxis?

Hives – Are they an allergy, skin decoration, harmless, or a sign death is coming?

Hives are frustrating and make your/your child’s life miserable! And they can be caused by different things! This article AND QUIZ will help you get answers!

Do I have a Fitbit allergy?

Think you might have a Fitbit allergy? A possible Fitbit allergy kinda seems unfair:  that the device you got to help you feel healthier may actually be CAUSING you to feel worse! Fitbit allergy is not uncommon, but not all “Fitbit allergy” symptoms are a true Fitbit allergy.  There are also non-allergic and irritant Fitbit […]

How do I treat eczema naturally?

Treating eczema naturally is surprisingly tricky and difficult. A lot of the “natural” products are not effective and some can even make eczema worse.  But it is important to you to treat eczema as natural as possible.  So I will tell you the best approach to treating eczema naturally based on actual medical advice!  You, […]