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29 foods to avoid if you have a milk allergy

Milk Allergy cross reactivity is a very important topic is not discussed by primary care providers. Milk can be sneaky.  Sometimes having a milk allergy means avoiding foods that you don’t think have milk or milk products in them! This is because of milk allergy cross reactions. If you have a milk allergy, you are […]

5 surprising facts about cow’s milk allergy

Does it seem like Milk is out to get you? If you have a milk allergy, there are some sneaky ways Milk could cause additional reactions. But I have some even sneakier solutions! It’s time to take back a little control from your Milk Allergy!

Do I have a Fitbit allergy?

Think you might have a Fitbit allergy? A possible Fitbit allergy kinda seems unfair:  that the device you got to help you feel healthier may actually be CAUSING you to feel worse! Fitbit allergy is not uncommon, but not all “Fitbit allergy” symptoms are a true Fitbit allergy.  There are also non-allergic and irritant Fitbit […]