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Me vs. my 6 year old

If I ever need a good defense attorney, I’m calling my 6 year old. For the past month he has been lawyering me so badly that I’m starting to doubt myself!

Give yourself permission to be bad at things

I am a perfectionist.  I’d like to say a recovering perfectionist, but I have not really done a good job at changing (probably because I haven’t found the perfect treatment plan yet)!  If anything, I worsen my perfectionism with procrastination (which is not an uncommon pairing).  These are traits I have learned to live with […]

The best #selfie ever!

Is there such thing as a best selfie? Because if so, I believe this may be the one. Read about my son’s first selfie and how he may be baby illuminati!

FACT: Laughter Cures Allergies

This post is simple: Pikachu and the most amazing baby laughter ever! And no, this isn’t just a buzzfeed clickbait title. Don’t believe me? Check it out. The baby’s #4 laugh will amaze you!