MyAllergyFriend – 2016’s Year End Review

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a good new year and have been able to keep your resolutions so far. For my first 2 days of 2017 I have gotten a cold, forgotten to take out the weekly trash and misplaced my wallet (if only those were my resolutions.)

Thank you crab

I’ll be back to writing semi-witty allergy posts on Thursday, but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support in 2016. And what better way to do it than with an overview of the blog in 2016 and goals for 2017.

Blog Statistics

Overall, MyAllergyFriend had a successful start for the 5 months it was up and running:

  • 67 posts
  • 6,500 unique visitors
  • 9,700 individual page views


I know these numbers aren’t ‘breaking the internet’ but they’re good considering:

  • I didn’t have it set up for Google to find me for the first few months
  • I didn’t understand how to start with my social network reach
  • I’m still learning how to write better and more compelling posts (to all my friends/family helping me with grammar, structure, and flow… I appreciate you!)

Most popular posts

Of all my posts, there were a few that stood out as the best of 2016:

  1. First place was my post about milk allergy cross-reactivity.
    • This post was a more traditional post but had a very helpful download sheet that was a benefit to people with milk allergies.
    • It was also helpful that my sister-in-law shared it with her friends, which was my first big social share
  2. Second, and linked to #1, was my post about surprising milk allergy facts.
    • I’d like to think this post was great because it was the first time I tried to interject personality into my post.
    • It’s also possible this one was popular because it showed up with every “related post” suggestion due to a technical error
  3. The bronze medal goes to my post on Flonase vs Nasonex: the best over-the-counter nose spray.
    • This one is legit because it explains what to choose and why to choose it.
    • Plus, I think it is far better than the “6 is greater than 1” commercial from last year (yes, I will always make fun of their marketing plan.)

Most controversial post

It’s said the internet loves controversy. This seemed to be the case with my one article about the flu shot (which I tried to write in a non-controversial approach). Still, I appreciate all the comments it created.

You can read my get your flu shot 2016 post here and see I tried to be fair and balanced (not even Fox News “fair and balanced” but real life fair and balanced!)

Best personal post

A few months after starting this page I also added a weekly, minimally promoted “personal post” section. It was a difficult decision for me to make because I tend to be a more private person–as evidenced by my Facebook page mostly being reposts from Reddit (with appropriate source attribution).

But I also realized that if I wanted to give people advice on allergies they would have to know I was a legitimate person and not best friends with the Prince of Nigeria.

Overall, these posts have a more bumpy popularity but I think have had a good reception. The most popular personal post was about my rock-obsessed collecting wife and her new coffee table entitled like vs love.

Why was MyAllergyFriend so successful?

Those statistics alone don’t tell the whole story. In fact, alone they probably tell a pretty poorly trafficked webpage story. But there is a better sign for why I feel this site’s been successful:

In 5 months, I had 126 people ask me for help with allergy, asthma, eczema, hives, or food-related problems for themselves and their children!

The real goal of this website is not to have tons of readers (although that would be awesome). Rather, it is to help people get legitimate, honest, well-grounded allergy/asthma advice.

To put this into perspective a little:

  • This site saved people approximately 189 hours in doctors offices
  • This site saved people an average of $62,179 (based on my best guess as determined by questions asked and if all problems were answered in 1 visit)
  • This is a generous, low-cost estimation based on an average reimbursement for problems.
    • Maximal saving could have been as high as $105,336
    • I’m generating a better cost-based estimation for 2017
  • Cost to visitors: $0

As someone who is frustrated with the current state of medical affairs, I very much like that I have helped 126 people feel better in 2016 AND saved them a considerable amount of money. This makes me realize MyAllergyFriend has been worth it so far. I only hope I can do more for people in 2017.

Goals for 2017

I guess as a website, I should list a few goals for 2017. As of now, my biggest goals are:

  1. Improving the content and reach of the site. I think I’ll set that goal at a 10x growth. This is a high, but an achievable, goal (if anyone wants to click refresh 100,000 times, that would REALLY help me pad my numbers).
  2. Create a better question-triage design to help people get answers faster
  3. Create a faster response plan to give more personal answers to people who need them
  4. Try to incorporate more reader feedback and response. After all, I’m writing this site to best serve all of you.

Informational goals

I’ve also had a recent split forming with my readers and the content you want to see:

  • I’ve had requests for more basic articles about the ‘meat and potatoes’ of allergy
  • I’ve also had requests to give more in-depth details about topics
  • And, to confuse it more, I’ve had well-worded requests to continue to provide unique, more “interesting” allergy topics


So I will try to create a better balance with these conflicting requests. Somehow.

Is there anything you’d like to add?


Thanks for making this year past year a great start to what I hope will someday become a definitive source for correct allergy/asthma help.


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