How many days are you allowed to be tired after a 6yo birthday party?

This ISN'T one of ours.  Sadly.
This ISN’T one of ours. Sadly.


I feel this is a serious question, although it may not seem to be.

Geology Theme

Emmett’s 6th birthday was this weekend and it was fantastic.  We had about 15 kids from his school show up, had ice cream cake and pizza and a pretty good geology theme (Emmett’s choice) complete with a rock-hunting station where kids dug for rocks hidden in sand boxes, and a geode station where kids got to smash their own geodes.

There was also a decent alcohol station for the adults.

Lord of the Flies

north-korean-rocket-programAll of that was awesome, but what was more impressive was how the kids took over the basement and created a near-instant Lord of the Flies colony.  Seriously:

  • After about 10 minutes (as long as it took me to put on Lion King) they started chanting “No Grownups Allowed”
  • They created a security detail to guard the top of the stairs
  • They set up a “North Korean Missile Defense Program” at the bottom of the stairs as a second line of defense
  • Then they took the telescope and pointed it from the middle of the room to the top of the stairs as an early warning post.

Ok, as I type this, I think we may have too many war movies and cartoons in the U.S.

Still, it was an impressive defense network for a bunch of kids.

Now, about this Fatigue

So that was Saturday.

Now, I can understand being tired afterwards as Kristie and I were both brain dead.  Even yesterday was a pretty lazy, mentally slow day.  But today is Monday and it really seems like I should be well rested at this point.

But no.  Still tired.

Maybe I’ll just do what all doctors do when they don’t know an answer… I’ll blame it on a virus.  Yup, definitely a virus.