The Difference between Like and Love – is a Coffee Table!

I was recently on Facebook (or Reddit) and saw this quote on the difference between like and love:

Love vs Like
This might by Buddah. Might by Han Solo. I didn’t fact check the source.  Or maybe I did but “something about emails.”


Now, this is not a sappy post.  Nor is it a post that I need to make because I got in trouble for something.  Instead, it’s just about something awesome that has recently come into our lives:  a new coffee table.


Luckily, I don’t just like Kristie…

A few years ago Kristie became interested in rock collecting.  It evolved as an extension of her silver-smithing business… and I supported it.  It was something she enjoyed.  It was also a passion of her late-father (so it made her feel closer to him).  And it was something she was sharing with Emmett.  For those reasons alone, I encouraged it. I will always try to encourage things my family enjoys.

But I have to admit, I didn’t really see the point.  I saw more and more rocks appearing in my house and eventually they started to fill bookshelves, fireplace mantles, closets, etc and I didn’t really understand.

Her passion for it was significant, though, and I knew it was something that I wanted to encourage her to continue doing.  I was “watering the flower” I guess (note: not a euphemism for anything) and just wanted her to be happy.


But also LOVE Kristie

Then this happened:


Kristie ordered a beautiful custom coffee table from a woodworker on Etsy.  Yes, I am learning woodworking… but to date I’ve made two tiny plywood work-desks and 1/5th of an 18th century workbench so getting this done off Etsy was a great call.  When we finally got it and opened the shipping crate… it was an AMAZING table!  The craftsmanship was top notch and beautiful.  But that’s not the story.

I then started to see Kristie’s full vision materialize.

She started gathering all the stones, rocks and gems that had filled all the nooks and crannies of our house and put them all into this masterpiece.  With each stone she found, she told me all the names of the stones (still can’t remember anything beyond Quartz) and told countless stories associated with the stones (most of which I had never known)!  When it was finished, I saw not just an amazing centerpiece but also Kristie’s 2-year journey unfold before my eyes!


She posted the picture on Facebook (and incidentally got more likes in a day than my blog has ever gotten!) and we have even had people come over specifically to see it (including 2 neighborhood kids that HAD to see the table Emmett was boasting about)!

If I hadn’t been supportive at first, I would never have gotten to see this materialize into our lives!


Morale of the Story

So I guess, when it’s all said and done, I understand what Han “Buddah” Solo was saying:  if you support your wife’s hobbies, you might get a coffee table!


Oh, and the babies are all super into it too.  Plus, it eliminates the choking hazard risk!  DOUBLE WIN!