FACT: Laughter Cures Allergies

Ok, not really.

This post is one that I have recently decided to start sharing.  I’ve been trying to write a few posts sharing a little about myself and my life — so you know who you’re dealing with when you email me.

Sometimes it’s about when my wife invented “Rage Gardening.”  Sometimes it’s a tale about robots.  Today, it’s about my boys.

I mention in a lot of my posts about Emmett and Luke and, I have to tell you, I just adore them both so much!  But without telling too many stories (and risking becoming that person who posts about their kids all the time), let me just say two quick stories.

emmett-is-pikachuEmmett is Pikachu

Emmett has recently gotten into the Pokémon Go game as well as the Pokémon cartoons.  Which is nice – not only because of how much he wants to walk outside to catch his Pokémon, but also because I get to experience it through his eyes.

His enthusiasm reminds me of how excited I was for things as a kid (for me it was Transformers, Mask, GI Joe, Laser Tag, and Nintendo).   It allows me to appreciate the little things a little bit and helps keep the normal “adult” worries at bay.

So when he saw these Pikachu pajamas at Target it was a no-brainer to buy them.  He wears them all the time and, I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

Eskimo Kisses with Luke

As for Luke… all I can say is that I DARE you to try and have a bad day after watching this video.  Not even the election nonsense could ruin your day when hearing his laugh.  So enjoy this short video:

Know your Allergist!

There is so much more to a good patient-provider relationship than reading their bio online and deciding they are a good provider.  You usually have to meet them and, if you’re me, spend a long time deciding whether or not you like and trust them (if you’re my wife, you have a gift of weeding out the creepers right away)!

So if you want, look through these posts and get to know me a little bit more.  And as always, if you have allergy questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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