Ikea Migraine!

ikea-store-causes-migrainesWhat do Ikea and migraines have in common?  A lot, it turns out!

kristie-vikingOver the weekend my family and I went to Ikea to add to our Christmas decorations (since Kristie is something like 110% Swedish + 90% Viking it seemed appropriate).  The trip was good for Ikea:  no lines, no crowded lanes, and 2 boys who overall behaved themselves.  An Ikea dream come true!

Or it would have been until the final part of the store.

When we were looking at the Christmas decorations at the end of the store (with the checkout line in site!) I had a flashing image in the middle of my eyes like I had looked at a bright light for too long.  I would have told Kristie about it but figured she’d make fun of me for staring at a light bulb or something, although I didn’t remember doing it.

But then it happened.  A wobbly, wavy line pattern that took out the top left of my vision and spread across my entire visual field.  It was disorienting and was at its maximum when I was paying what turned out to be WAY TOO MUCH money at Ikea (damn that store!)

Fast forward about 10 minutes when Kristie was now driving us home, and I was *fairly* certain I didn’t have a stroke and she said “oh, yeah, it’s an Ikea migraine” as if this was something I missed on Day 1 of medical school.

After a good few hours passed I had restored vision, no more nausea, and a managed headache.  I looked it up on Dr. Google and, sure enough, it’s a thing:

Ikea migraines:

So apparently it is common and something I had NO IDEA about!

Do you need to worry about Ikea migraines?

I have a history of migraines so I don’t think this is a thing that everyone needs to worry about.  But if you’re like me and have a headache history, it is worth a read.  If nothing else, it is a way for you to pass off migraine knowledge at a party or something.

Everything is fine now.  Although Kristie is telling people the price of Ikea caused me to have a stroke.  I’m thinking this may be a way for me to excuse myself from any future Ikea trips!