Exciting NEW Changes at MyAllergyFriend

This is a short post but one that I think you, as my reader, would get a lot of benefit from reading.

Also, I added a new video of Luke and Emmett laughing at the end for your enjoyment.

Its been about a year since I first started building the MyAllergyFriend website (posts have been a lot less than that) and since then I’ve realized that the site itself could be better (yes, I know, that’s an understatement… you don’t have to agree with me so quickly!)

Since the new year I’ve been working to improve the quality and writing of my posts and I hope that you’ve noticed some improvement.  I know there is still a long way to go (and, as always, I appreciate any feedback you may have).


But the site itself also needs improvement.

And I’m working toward one goal:  simplicity.


Because of this, there are two things that I want to ask:

  1. If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions (or things that have annoyed the hell out of you) please let me know.  You’re my readers and site users… there are no better experts than you!
  2. If I break anything, please let me know and be patient (but let me know first).


What’s being updated currently

I’m currently working on this list of updates (I’ll keep this list current and updated regularly)

  • Working on pagespeed improvements
  • Changing my email backend to something better
  • Working on home page (to make it more simple)
  • Updating about page (because why not)


Add a suggestion, comment or thought HERE

As promised, a fun video

  • Susan Nordstrom says:

    I just wanted to thank Dr. Webber for his web page. It helped me tremendously last week when I needed advice as I was feeling so sick. I emailed him and he emailed me back the same day. He even checked on me again this week. Not many doctors care enough to check up on a complete stranger a week later!!!

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