Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis

Eczema is a diagnosis that many people know about, but don’t really understand

  • We have so many chemicals, irritants, food and environmental triggers of eczema today that it often seems impossible to adequately control eczema
  • in my career, I’ve faced thousands of tricky cases of eczema, including my own son, and learned how to really control it

Articles, Tips and Blogs

How do I treat eczema naturally?

Treating eczema naturally is surprisingly tricky and difficult. A lot of the “natural” products are not effective and some can even make eczema worse.  But it is important to you to treat eczema as natural as possible.  So I will tell you the best approach to treating eczema naturally based on actual medical advice!  You, […]

Are you treating eczema the RIGHT way?

Most people are not treating eczema correctly! The result is that either your or your child are not feeling as good as they can!  Odds are, you or your child’s eczema is not optimally controlled, is requiring more steroid, and is costing you more money in unnecessary prescriptions.  I will cover the tips and tricks […]