Co-Sleeping is a Lie!

There are no tricks to co-sleeping
Co-sleeping is a LIE!

There’s no sleeping involved – I don’t know why it’s called co-sleeping!

We have been working on improving Luke’s sleep-training and his ability to sleep through the night.  Again.

For the first 6 months, we tried to improve Luke’s sleeping habits ourselves and were failing. To the point he was waking up 6-8 or more times a night.

It was exhausting!

So we hired a sleep-training nurse who came to our house and over a week helped retrain Luke’s sleeping habits.  And he got to the point of either sleeping through the night or waking up once only, which was perfect!

Then he started getting teeth and his sleep worsened again:  he was waking up 4-6 times a night to eat, to yell, or just to discuss politics.  He didn’t care… he just was awake!

So we called the sleep-training nurse again and put Luke in a refresher course.

Co-sleeping looks like a great way to raise a child
Doesn’t Co-Sleeping look Peaceful?

Why Co-Sleeping?

My story isn’t about co-sleeping with Luke, but with Emmett.

Since Luke was crying and having a lot of nighttime rants and emotions and Emmett had school, we had Emmett sleep with us (Emmett’s room is right across from Luke’s).

And my oldest does NOT sleep well.


Emmett’s Sleeping Pattern

As best I can figure, Emmett sleeps in this cycle:

  • Looks cute and quiet
  • Then grinds teeth LOUDLY (genetically my fault!)
  • Then kicks and squirms in full loops. Like, head to the foot of the bed and then back again loops
  • Then talks about Minecraft or something else in his sleep
  • Then, in the final part of the cycle, gives either myself or Kristie a hug or snuggle or something to have us forgive all the other parts of his sleep cycle.


I don’t know how this kid gets any restful sleep during a night. I certainly didn’t.


The Positive Outcome

After about a week Luke is now sleeping MUCH better and Emmett is back in his own bed. All is well again.

Normally, this wouldn’t make a story at all except for the fact that I have a lot of friends who do full time co-sleeping (with multiple kids!)

I don’t know if they have better sleepers, if they are better sleepers, or if they are just perpetuating the lie like some sort of real-life The Ring conspiracy but I believe there is no such thing as peaceful co-sleeping.

If you have a different story, please feel free to share it with me.  Just know that when you tell me your child is a darling quiet sleeper I’ll add the “knowing the secret wink-wink” for you.

Also, I think I need to convince someone to start co-sleeping within the next 7 days or I’ll be cursed or something like that.


For those who know the truth:

The truth about co-sleeping
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