The best #selfie ever!

Is there such a thing as a best selfie?


Is this an oxymoron?  Can there be a best selfie?  I’m not sure, but if so I think I have a candidate:

Luke's first selfie!
Luke’s first selfie!


nicholas-cage-help-me-decipher-thisAristotle’s biggest question

A few weeks ago I got a text from my wife that was apparently Luke’s first selfie!  I would blame it as a fluke, but when you look at the framing and lighting, it can only be seen as deliberate.

At first I thought that this photo was a great opportunity to ask the greatest philosophical question of the time:   has this generation evolved to have an inherent gift of the selfie?

But then I realized something slightly more ominous:  since this was clearly deliberate, then the message “Mm Pp” must also mean something!  Is it a warning?  Is it a secret baby code?  Is it the key to fame and riches?  Is it some part of an illuminati quest?


The key to the puzzle?

Unfortunately, as of yet, I have been unable to decode this message.  I’ve tried to search everywhere for answers:  in my sleep, at the bottom of a Monster can, at a BBQ smokehouse for lunch the other day.  I have even tried to look for answers by binge watching the most recent seasons of the Flash and 30 Rock.  But nothing!
So, finally, I tried to go back to the source.
I gave Luke my phone and left him to his own for a little bit.  The result:

  1. I now have a sticky power button that sticks and causes my phone to turn on and off at random.
  2. I saw him doing this:



Anyone know what it means?  Or do I need to get Nicholas Cage to decipher it for us?

  • Alissa Thomson says:

    I spy the word emergencia.cearly a cry for help. Maybe Willie stole his puffs. Or perhaps MC isn’t letting him pull his ears and fur as much as he used to.

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