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About Me

About Your New Allergy Friend

I’m Dr. Chris Webber.

Picture of Me and Kristie
My beautiful wife, Kristie

I’m glad you’re here.

It means that you and I share a common goal and similar expectations about your medical care:

  • You should receive reliable, accurate medical information
  • You should have a doctor who always puts you FIRST (“old school medicine”)?
  • You should have a comprehensive medical plan and not just a series of medications and bandaids for your problems (figuratively… if you literally need bandaids, then you should get them).
  • You should be helped to feel your absolute best and healthiest… and not just “good enough”

Basically, you should have a doctor as a friend.
Someone you can trust to give you since, unbiased medical advice (without all the complications of the medical system).

I want to be that friend.



I have seen a worsening problem with good allergy, asthma and inflammation care and I want to be part of the SOLUTION.

The problems with allergy care today are:

  • Many primary care providers also don’t recognize your need for better allergy/asthma care (or maybe they think “good enough” is ok)?
  • Many of you don’t recognize your need for better allergy/asthma care
  • Many people don’t know what good allergy care truly means
  • There isn’t always access to a good allergist in your area

My idea is simple:  I’ll be your allergist friend; someone who will put your health above that of a quick patient visit and will treat you like a friend.

But first, you should get to know me

Picture of luke as a baby
My baby, Luke
  • I’m board certified in allergy, immunology, and internal medicine
  • I am currently in a medical practice in Denver, CO
  • Prior to that, I served as a physician in the US Air Force for 12 years
  • I have spent many years studying medicine in-depth:
    • Distinguished graduate from USAF Academy
    • Medical School at Loyola University in Chicago
    • Internal Medicine residency at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
    • Chief Resident at Wright-Patterson/Wright State University
    • Internal Medicine Clinic Chief at Air Force Academy
    • Allergy/Immunology fellowship at Wilford Hall Medical Center
    • Allergy/Immunology Clinic Chief at Air Force Academy
    • And now, an allergist trying to help people the right way
  • I’m also a national allergy and asthma educator / speaker
    • I have given over a hundred lectures on allergy, asthma, and internal medicine to primary care providers, patients, and anyone who will listen
    • And I still love every minute of it!

Ok, credentials are boring.  You need to get to know ME

Picture of emmett smiling
My son, Emmett
  • I have a wonderful wife, Kristie, a 5 year old son Emmett and a 2 month old Luke.
  • I have a constant fear of stepping on legos and vaguely remember what sleep was like (it’s that thing at night, where you’re supposed to get 8 hours.. right)?
  • My house is a zoo of pets (we have a golden retriever, 3 cats, and 3 chickens that my HOA doesn’t know about).
  • Also, possibly a mouse living under the chicken coop (who I call Nicodemus and hopefully guides other mice to our chickens as The Great Owl).
  • I am a perfectionist, a VERY beginner woodworker, and I *LOVE* the fist-clenching frustrations when the two don’t coincide
  • I love superheroes, video games, reading, running, and internet humor.

So if you think we would work well together and you want to take the first step to complete allergy/asthma care, then join our community below.  I look forward to meeting you.