5 BEST Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies

Do you want to treat allergies naturally and with fewer medications?

These are the 5 allergic rhinitis home remedies you MUST KNOW!

They are simple to do, highly effective, and can be done TODAY.  These are the best tips and tricks I have gathered from years as an allergist and it’s time for me to share them with you!

A woman with allergies wants natural remedies seasonal allergies
Treat your allergies with these home remedies

Its time you learn the 5 best allergic rhinitis home remedies!

Why learn the best allergy home remedies? Because it’s that time of year that allergy sufferers dread.

When you wake up every day feeling like you have a cold, but your symptoms linger ALL SEASON LONG! There are good days, where you are given a brief moment of peace. You think, and hope, “maybe the worst is over.” But without fail, the pollen comes back… as do your symptoms.

No doubt you have found ways to cope during this time of year. Antihistamines on top of more antihistamines. Maybe a few nose sprays. You’ve tried all of the over-the-counter medications.

But you  always end up making a lot of creative excuses why you can’t go to your friend’s picnic, party or outdoor event. You may have seen your doctor or potentially even an allergist, but the solutions all seem to be the same: more medications.

All you want is to feel better… right now!

Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

Why most allergy sufferers settle for “good enough.”

I hear your story all the time in my allergy office.

I understand your frustration.

You are absolutely MISERABLE with your allergies and have tried every different medication combination and natural remedy for seasonal allergies.

You’ve used your best google-master skills to search for any and all advice you can get, even seeking news on any new treatments coming to market.

But the results are always the same: you feel a little better, its still not “great” or even “good.”

And you begin to wonder if perhaps medications aren’t the answer…

All you want to do is feel better…without all the medications.


See, that last part is where the medical system often misses the point.

I know that as an allergist, I have a lot of tools at my disposal that I can prescribe you to help treat your allergies.

But I also know that with every medication comes additional responsibilities, additional potential side effects, and additional COSTS (which certainly add up)!  While you may feel better in the long run, the journey to reach your goal of relief can seem a lot more complicated than it should be.

You reach the point where you accept “good enough” — that point where you are willing to accept 70% control of allergies because adding the extra 30% is just too much additional medication or effort.


Why add allergic rhinitis home remedies?”

I know that often when we look for allergic rhinitis home remedies we are actually searching for natural remedies for seasonal allergies.

But let me make a professional distinction right now: while I certainly know  some fantastic natural treatments for allergies, in this case I want to share with you some HOME remedies… things you can do to your home itself to help you fight allergies!

Read that again: by taking these simple and inexpensive in-home steps, you get the benefit of adding another allergy treatment… but without the medication! I’m betting no one has ever told you THAT before!

The best news: you can start TODAY and they work! Why not have your house start to fight your allergies for you?

By implementing these allergic rhinitis home remedies, you get the same benefit of adding another medicine…  but without the prescription!


Before you begin: Do you know you’re allergic triggers?

I always get a raised eyebrow when I ask this of patients. They usually think it’s obvious and tell me “pollen or pets.”

I’ve written a prior post about the actual cause of allergies, but perhaps I need to explain more specifically what I mean:

Do you know what type of tree, grass, weed pollen or mold spores, the SPECIFIC type, that triggers your allergies?  Do you know if it is cat or dog hair? Dust mite?  Or perhaps even all of the above (for some unlucky few) that trigger your allergies?

If you’re like most people, a day with allergies tends to follow the same pattern:

  • You wake up in the morning, often feeling ok at first.
  • As the day progresses, if it turns into a warm day, you “get allergies.”
  • Some days are “good” days with relatively few symptoms.
  • Some days are terrible, full of sneezing, itching, runny noses, etc.
  • Repeat… all season long.

For most people, it’s entirely up to the spiteful world of pollen to determine whether you’ll have a good day or a bad one.

But the benefit to knowing your specific triggers is that you can use an online pollen counter, such as at www.pollen.com, to track the outdoor pollen levels.  Some of today’s best home remedies use this data to treat you best!

With this tool, instead of waking up and wondering whether or not you’ll feel bad, you will be able to track the levels of pollen from oak, elm, timothy grass or ragweed and KNOW what kind of a day you’ll have.


Note:  I will admit that KNOWING you’re going to have a bad day before you have one is not really a good plan.

But in this case, lets discuss how you can use the pollen counter to implement your allergic rhinitis home remedies.

Ok, ready to make your home start working for you?

Download a FREE handout of the 5 BEST allergic rhinitis home remedies

Allergy Home Remedy #1: Windows

The first of my best allergic rhinitis home remedies has to do with what you do with windows. The most simple explanation is:

If it’s a high pollen count outside, it’s a high pollen count inside.


What I mean is that if the pollen is high outdoors and you have your windows open, all that pollen will flow into your house and onto your surfaces, bedding, floor, couch, etc.

As a result, when the pollen counts decrease (usually toward the end of the day), you will still have a high pollen count inside your house and your allergy symptoms will stay severe!

When pollen counts are moderate to high, you should keep your windows closed during the daytime.

Think of it this way: if you are allergic to cats, you wouldn’t want to sleep with a cat on your head (and if you own a cat, you know that’s EXACTLY where they want to sleep)!

If you leave the windows of your bedroom open, all of that pollen is going to blow right onto the bedding and pillows. When you go to sleep at night, you’re sleeping ON the pollen!

  • If you have air conditioning and want to run it, now is the time.
  • It is usually ok to open the windows in the evening since the peak pollen levels have passed.
  • It is important to close them again when you go to sleep (many molds release spores at night).

Keeping your windows closed is a great way to naturally treat seasonal allergies, but not everyone wants to/has the ability to close all their windows (for those of us without air conditioning)!

If you can’t close your house’s windows, then close the windows to your bedroom!  Protecting the bedroom is the minimum safe area for the first of my 5 home remedies.

So when pollen counts are moderate-to-high, close the house windows or, at a minimum, close the bedroom windows!


Allergy Home Remedy #2: Change your air filters

Think what happens when you turn on your air conditioner or heater:  the vents of the house are going to be full of pollen and pet hair (for those with pets, of course) and when you turn on fan… WHOOSH, you just created your own snow globe of pollen.

A zig zag air filter is the second home remedy for allergic rhinitis
Home Remedy #2

And it circulates pollen through your house all day!


We all know it is important to change the HVAC filters.  Usually, in the spirit of trying to help with allergies, you’ll want to buy the “$100 super-engineered allergy-free mega filter.”

But too many times I have heard of people spending a lot of money to get the “best” filter but then don’t change it because the one they bought was so expensive.   A super filter may be great… but after 3 months, it is just as clogged as a regular one.

I recommend is that you buy the least expensive filter that looks like a zig-zag and change it monthly!


The zig-zag pattern will increase the filter surface area, and will help capture pollen and pet dander. Since it is less expensive, changing it more often will help keep the filter clog-free and will help the efficiency of the HVAC system too! This usually keeps the price down to about $5-10 per month.

Allergy Home Remedy #3: Keep pets out of the bedroom

Remember when I mentioned that if you didn’t want to close all the windows of the house then, at a minimum, close the windows in your bedroom?


Why did I say that?  Think it through for a moment: where do you spend the most time in one place?  For most of us, it’s the bedroom (everyone is getting a solid 8 hours of sleep per night, right? HA! With my new baby, Luke, that idea is very funny to me).

Because we spend so much time in our bedroom, it  is the most important room to “protect” against allergens.

Well, if you have a pet, the same rule applies.

Keep the pet out of the bedroom and keep the door closed during the daytime.


Some allergists recommend getting rid of pets completely.  But I understand how much pets are a part of the family. Most of us would rather get rid of a family member than a pet. My recommendation works and allows you to keep your pet!

A cat looks sad because keeping him out of the bedroom is allergic rhinitis home remedy #3
Home Remedy #3: Keep ME out of your bedroom

By keeping your pet out of your bedroom, you reduce the amount of dander causing your allergy symptoms.  You also need to keep your shut during the daytime to stop dander from floating in.  Pet dander does an excellent job of floating EVERYWHERE.

Warning: If you have a cat and even HINT that they aren’t allowed in the bedroom, they’ll want nothing more than to get into said bedroom.

I recommend buying a new outfit or put some important paperwork somewhere else in the house. In my experience, the only thing cats love more than going where they shouldn’t is if they are given the opportunity to lay on top of something they shouldn’t!

Allergy Home Remedy #4: Washing your hair at night / showering at night

Although this isn’t really an allergic rhinitis home remedy, it certainly falls into the category of naturally treating seasonal allergies: shower at night!

Again, imagine all the pollen blowing through the air when the pollen count is moderate-to-high. Now imagine how much of it gets stuck in your hair, particularly if you have long hair.

When you go to sleep at night and lay down on your pollen-free pillow in your protected bedroom (since you followed steps 1-3, of course), what happens to all the pollen stuck in your hair?

It goes directly onto your pillow, your sheets, your blankets, and ultimately into your eyes and nose. You just did all of that work to keep the pollen out, then delivered it right to where it can cause you the most problems!

Bathing at night can reduce the pollen that you bring into your house.

Adding this simple step enables all the other steps you’ve done to keep working for you and is essential to keeping your house as pollen-free as possible.

Pro-tip: If you also want, change out of your daytime clothes when you get home too.  Particularly if you spent a lot of time outside.


Finally, Allergy Remedy #5: Dust mite covers

This step one of the most important steps if you have a dust mite allergy!

Dust mites are… gross.  They are heavy, live inside the middle of the bed where it is moist, and then come up to the surface to eat dead skin/debris at night.  They also live in couches, chairs and carpet/rugs… all the places we like to lay down.

Dust mites are the major cause of YEAR ROUND allergies, are a major trigger of asthma and also a common trigger of eczema!


In some ways, dust mites are everywhere and can’t be stopped (you could spray all your carpets/house 3 times a week with chemicals, but that isn’t a great solution).  It’s best to think of dust mites as an inevitable part of an allergy life.

As a result, the goal is not to stop dust mites but to stop them from causing you symptoms.  We do that with dust mite covers.

With dust mite covers, you are protected against one of the major causes of allergies, asthma and eczema without ANY medication at all!

This is one of the best (and often missed) allergic rhinitis home remedies!


Dust mite covers are special sheets where all of the fibers are very tightly woven in one direction.  They work almost like a funnel with the narrow end in the middle of your bed:  dust mites land on your bed, travel through the dust mite covers into the mattress but now have no way to come back up to cause allergies!

And to address a question I get all the time: no, dust mite covers are not the same as the plastic pee-sheets.

Two words of caution when buying dust mite covers:

  • Don’t buy sheets that say  “dust-free” or “allergen free” covers.
    • These are the sheets usually sold in local stores.
    • Those covers are “allergy free” from the point of view that they are less likely to cause skin allergies.
    • These ARE NOT the same as dust mite covers.
  • You need to buy them for the mattress, the box spring, and the pillows!

There are many online resources to buy them, but one place I recommend is Mission Allergy, who provide high quality sheets. (Note: I am not an affiliate and have no relation to this company… they just make a good product).

So now my allergy secrets are revealed!

I hope at this point you see that the best allergic rhinitis home remedies are very simple to do, overall inexpensive, and have great results!  And while these are not exactly natural remedies for seasonal allergies,  they deliver all the benefit of fighting allergies WITHOUT adding a new medication!

You can download the list of the 5 BEST allergic rhinitis home remedies to keep with you as you set up your house to fight allergies for you.

And, as always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask your allergy friend.

Next Steps

Today, you only have one next step: To SHARE this with everyone you can!

  • It is frustrating that so many people don’t know these simple tricks.
  • It is also upsetting that more allergists (and primary care) don’t really address this at all!

So its up to us to get the word out. And if you have any specific tips (or funny cat stories) please include them in the comments section below.

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