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Everyone wants a doctor as a friend

Someone you can trust to give you sincere, unbiased medical advice. Someone to ensure you’re not accepting “good enough” care from the medical system. Someone who has your personal best interests at heart. Allow me to help with your allergy care. I will treat you not like a patient, but as my friend.

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Could Allergies be Causing your Sinus Migraines?

Migraine headaches are the worst… and it seems like many primary care providers sympathize as long as your headache is easy to control.  But as soon as it gets tougher its straight to sub-optimal care or a referral to neurology (which, if you’re in Colorado, means about a 3-6 month wait)!Now, … Continue Reading

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U.S. Epipen Recall: What you NEED to Know

It seems EpiPen can’t get out of the news lately. This time it’s because Epipens in the U.S. are being recalled due to a malfunction causing them NOT to work!

Read this article to see if you’re affected and what to do about it!